"A Team of Professionals to Pursuing

Value Creation of Global Power & Infrastructure Business"

That is what Mitsui & Co. Power & Infrastructure Development Ltd. does

Mitsui & Co. Power & Infrastructure Development Ltd. (MPID) was established in 2004 in order to develop and conduct global power & infrastructure business with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 


The power business requires a high level of expertise over a wide range of disciplines, such as due diligence, valuation, EPC, operation & maintenance, international finance, accounting, power & energy trading, and management of project companies. MPID  consists of experts who have such expertise and experience in infrastructure business.


MPID has sophisticated and diversified its business area, as the  Mitsui & Co. group's power & infrastructure business has expanded. In 2011, MPID established a Singapore branch to enhance its organization in accordance with such business expansion. MPID covers the  major infrastructure business of green field project development, M&A, and management of project companies. Now MPID is also engaging in renewable energy and energy-related infrastructure projects.


At present Mitsui  has gross power assets of 38 GW (net 10.4 GW), including projects under construction in 22 countries throughout the world. MPID is carrying out the management and supervision of these assets together with Mitsui & Co. group companies. Expectations towards MPID have therefore become much higher with respect to improving those assets, developing new business, and achieving strategic recycling of assets.



We will continue pursuing "Creation of new value for society" as professionals so that we can contribute to "Development of  Nations" and "Creating the Future" by infrastructure business with our stakeholders. We would appreciate the continued support of all the people concerned.




Yoshihiro Hayazaki