About Us

Company Name

Mitsui  & Co. Power & Infrastructure Development LTD. 

Date of Establishment

1 Dec, 2004


Yoshihiro Hayazaki |

Chief Executive Officer

Number of Employees

23 | as of January 2022

Head Office

MITSUI & CO. Building

2-1 Otemachi 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8631, Japan


TEL | 03-3285-4360

FAX | 03-3285-9452

URL | http://www.mpid.co.jp


Singapore branch

12 Marina view Asia Square Tower2 #12-04 Singapore0189601


TEL | +65 6645 9902

Common Stock

Yen 100,000,000


Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 100%



Make our contribution to the global economy and local society by successfully optimizing the power & infrastructure business



A team of professionals who pursue value creation of global power & infrastructure business

  • Add value to the business with a long - term view and high expertise
  • Establish relationship among field staff and local society in the spirit of "Think Globally Act Locally"
  • Provide satisfaction and meet expectations of the stakeholders


  1.  We deem safety at the operational site to be the most immediate priority
  2.  We never forget to consider the environment
  3.  We treat each other fairly, humbly and with appreciation
  4.  We retain awareness of risk and respond quickly and appropriately
  5.  We bring out our uniqueness by utilizing pioneering technology together with our skill as a successful      trading house
  6.  We respect diversity, maintaining a wide range of knowledge and high standards
  7.  We engage ourselves in our task with vigor and a sense of ownership
  8.  We encourage communication with the operational-sites and local business operating companies
  9.  We bring out "Individual" expertise of our people and work in "Teams"
  10.  We develop power business to shape a prosperous future and realize the human dream